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Unity Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony involves the pouring of individual sands into a single vessel, combining and uniting the sands, symbolising the joining of two individuals in marriage. Once the sands are united, it is impossible to separate them.

The great thing about this ceremony is that there are so many ways that you can personalise it. From choosing sand colours that hold special meaning for you to sand from your favourite beach holiday. You can have engraved decanters or even special ceremony frames with your wedding date on it. There are so many options to choose from you can easily make this ceremony fit your own style.

Unity Sand Ceremonies are a perfect enhancement for blended families, especially when younger children are involved. Each family member can pour their individual sand into the vessel. What results is a beautiful representation of how two families have joined together as one. Children can choose sands in their favourite colours or sand from a location that is special to them.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Planting Tree Ceremony

Many cultures around the world have used Tree Planting Ceremonies as a way to honour a ‘new beginning’ for centuries. This makes a Tree Planting Ceremony the perfect enhancement for many of lifes celebrations, including weddings and baby naming ceremonies.

There are no hard and fast rules with tree planting ceremonies. The ritual is not associated with any particular religion and is therefore, the perfect customisable enhancement for a variety of ceremonies. If you are eco-conscious tree planting is definitely the enhancement for you. With a huge variety of tree species, the options available are endless. Fruiting trees, once mature, will provide tasty treats and be a constant reminder of your special event or of a departed loved one.

Here are just a few examples of the different tree species and what they represent: Oak represents life, health and family unity; Birch represents adaptability, regeneration and new beginnings; Apple represents love, truth, beauty and fertility; Pear represents longevity, good health and abundance.

A Tree Planting Ceremony allows everyone who is attending your ceremony to get involved and feel a part of the ceremony. One of the easiest ways to include everyone is to have small jars, bags or cones filled with soil waiting for your guests on arrival. The guests are invited to add the soil to a pot and to make a wish as they do this. Once planted, the tree will grow from the blessings and well wishes of family and friends.

Dove or Butterfly Release

Butterfly release ceremony

White doves are recognised as a symbol of peace, love, unity, prosperity, hope, faith and new beginnings; making a Dove Release a perfect enhancement for weddings and vow renewals. Doves mate for life and if separated for any reason, will not take another mate. The male & female doves build their nest together and share setting their eggs, feeding and nurturing their young. They are true partners in life.

These days “snow white doves” are usually white homing pigeons, who are trained to return to their keepers home after release. So don’t worry about these little feathered friends, once released as they will always return home.

Butterflies are often released at Naming Ceremonies or at Funerals. Butterflies come in a stunning array of colours and patterns. They will flutter around your guests and will lift your spirits as they soar away.

Dove or Butterfly releases can enhance your ceremony and make a unique memory that your guests will carry with them for a lifetime.

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