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Baby Naming – 10 Ceremony Enhancement Ideas

Baby Naming Ceremonies

10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Baby Naming Ceremony Unique

Congratulations! You've welcomed a new baby into your family and now you want to celebrate. Well there's no better way to say "Welcome to the World" then to throw a beautiful Naming Ceremony for your precious bundle of joy. I've compiled a list of my 10 favourite ceremony enhancements to help inspire you.

1. Butterfly Release

Mark this joyful occasion by releasing beautifully coloured butterflies into the sky and watch as your guests faces light up as they flutter around.  

2. Build a Bear

Create a special teddy bear for your new baby and fill it with messages of love. You can even include a voice recorder that can play message to your child as they grow up. Ask grandparents, aunts and uncles to record special messages to your little one that they can listen to for years to come. 

3. Make a Vlog

Who doesn’t love looking back on old videos from childhood! Making a Vlog of your childs naming ceremony will be a treasured memory your family will enjoy watching and reliving over and over again. 

4. Create a Time Capsule

I think a time capsule is one of the most exciting presents you can give to your child when they are older. Fill your time capsule with memories and items from their birth and enjoy the delights of opening it together many years later.  

5. Plant a Tree

Tree planting is traditionally used to represent a new beginning across many cultures. Planting a tree that will grow with your child will be a constant reminder of how precious they are to you. Just remember – if you plan on moving house it’s best to plant the tree in a pot. 

6. Start a Library for Life

A Library for Life is a collection of books of that your child can read as they grow. Ask your friends and family to each bring a book for a different age group. Ask them to include a note inside the book explaining why they chose it.    

7. "As you Grow" Letters

Write a letter to your child that they can open on their birthday each year. 

8. Autographed Photobook

Using an Instax camera, take a photo of all your family and friends. Put these in an autograph book and ask them to sign their names and to write a wish to your baby. 

9. A Wish Jar

Ask your family and friends to write a wish they have for your babies future in a small note. When all the notes are collected place them in a jar, seal it and mark that it is not to be opened until their 18th birthday.

10. Create Family Artwork

It is so easy to create your own keepsakes for any occasion thanks to the huge variety of online suppliers. I particularly love hand-print artwork which can be hung in your home. Make impressions of your families hand-prints on canvas, including babies, using a different colour paint for each family member. A beautiful way to capture a special moment in time forever.  

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