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Family Occasions

“My values are my guarantee to my clients; truly unique, truly inclusive, truly for you”

As an Independent Family Celebrant I am passionate when it comes to creating bespoke, meaningful and truly memorable ceremonies to celebrate all of life’s important moments.

I know how privileged I am to have ‘the best seat in the house’ at all the beautiful ceremonies I lead, whether that’s the beginning of a beautiful marriage or welcoming a new child into a family. I promise to always shine the spotlight on you, my client, and to listen to what you want your ceremony to be. Following all my ceremonies, I provide you with a bound copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.

Welcome to the World - Baby Naming

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A “Welcome to the World” or baby naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a new member into your family and community. Babies are a precious gift. The ceremony is full of fun, laughter and excitement so you can celebrate this new little life and express your joy that they are here.

The ceremony allows you, and those closest to the baby, to express your hopes, dreams and wishes for them in the future. You will make promises to your child as parents, grandparents, guide parents and siblings. There are some beautiful ceremony enhancements which I can guide you through that can make this joyous occasion even more special including tree planting, butterfly release, recording a wishes video to be played at their 18th or starting a “Library for Life”. No matter what way you decide to welcome your new baby, I will ensure that it is a joyous and memorable occasion for all.    

Coming of Age


There are many significant milestones that we reach in our lives as we grow older. The transition from child to teenager, from teenager to adult, from working to retirement. These are all important moments in our lives that we should celebrate and rejoice in.


Whatever the occasion, I can help you to create a ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates your achievements thus far and looks forward with excitement and hope towards your future.  

New Beginnings - Gender Transitioning Ceremony

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Your name is often the greatest connection you have to your identity as an individual. Now imagine for a moment that someone called you by the wrong name. How does it make you feel? Not great I bet.


Our names are synonymous with who we are and where we come from but, what if that wasn’t the case?


Changing name can be one of the most important steps a transgender or gender nonconforming person can take to express to the world who they are. At a “New Beginnings” ceremony, I will help you acknowledge this significant personal milestone and allow you to celebrate and share this special occasion with your loved ones. We will work together to create a ceremony that is personal to you and showcases who you are as your true self.


A New Beginnings ceremony can often help those closest to you, your family and friends, to recognise the importance of a name and show them just how powerful it is to acknowledge who you truly are. 

Blended Family

Family Fun

We are lucky to live in a modern world where no two families are the same. In Ireland we have used rituals for thousands of years to signify change and to build strong bonds between family and community. As blended families are now commonplace in Ireland, why not use the ritual of ceremony to help reinforce how each member of your blended family is valued and the important role they play in your family unit. I will help guide you in creating a ceremony as unique as your family is. A ceremony that includes everyone equally and allows you to make promises to each other that will strengthen your bond as a family.  

Often a family blending ceremony will be included as an enhancement during a wedding ceremony, however it can also be held as a stand alone ceremony. Whichever way you choose to have it, I am ready to make it a ceremony you will never forget.

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