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What is a celebrant?

As an Independent Family & Funeral Celebrant, I am professionally trained to provide bespoke, unique and highly personalised ceremonies for all of lifes celebrations including weddings, vow renewals, naming ceremonies and funerals

As a celebrant I am not bound to any religion, belief system or statutes so I can create and perform ceremonies that are completely bespoke. Whilst most celebrants may have a personal belief, these beliefs are just that, personal, and will never bear any regard to YOUR ceremony.  

What CAN a celebrant do?

As your celebrant, I can create and deliver a bespoke, unique and highly personalised ceremony for any occasion that meets your exact needs and wants without restriction. I make your celebration stand out from the crowd and be a memory to savour forever.

What can a celebrant NOT do?

Applies to Weddings only:

Unfortunately under the current laws and regulations in the “Marriage Provisions of the Civil Registration Act, 2004” in Ireland, Independent Wedding Celebrants are not granted the authority to solemnise a marriage in Ireland.

This means that if you choose me as your celebrant, your marriage will be conducted in two stages. As your Celebrant, I will perform a couple centric bespoke ceremony on your wedding day, at your ideal location, date and time. The legalities of registering your marriage (i.e. the paperwork) will be undertaken separately with the HSE.

Click here and follow my “3 Step Wedding Process Made Easy” guide. Alternatively you can find information on the HSE website here

This easy process is widely used throughout the world and is undoubtedly “the future” of wedding celebrations in Ireland. And the upside to this current system is that you have the freedom to celebrate your marriage in your own unique style and vision, without any restrictions imposed by the State.

A celebrant can preform ALL OTHER ceremonies without restriction in Ireland.

Why choose a celebrant led ceremony?

The simple answer is – Choice!

You can choose where, when and how you want YOUR celebration to happen without  restriction. There are no limitations imposed on how you want the ceremony to look, sound and feel.

Want to be married in a woodland at dusk – no problem!

Fancy renewing your vows while dressed as Harry Potter characters – go for it!

Want to have a naming ceremony at home because you can’t be bothered leaving the house – stick on the kettle, I’ve got you covered! 

The sky’s the limit and I can’t wait to help you make your dream celebration a reality.

Who are celebrant led ceremonies for?



My ceremonies are for everyone regardless of religion or beliefs, culture, gender or sexual orientation.

What is your process when creating a ceremony?

I pride myself on creating and delivering highly personalised ceremonies for any occasion.


I live for detail! I will listen to you and create a ceremony that is creative, thoughtful and engaging.


I have a great sense of humour and will always bring elements of joy, humour and laughter into all my ceremonies, even funerals.


The only common thread running through all my ceremonies is the very thing that all celebrations are created to honour – LOVE!

Who can be involved in celebrant led ceremonies?

You choose who is involved in your ceremony. It’s your ceremony and you can do it your way. Ceremony enhancements are an easy and beautiful way to include family and friends in you ceremony. 

Are there any restrictions on where I can hold my ceremony?

When you choose me as your celebrant, you are free to have your ceremony wherever you want. Once my insurance covers it, we are good to go!

Can I write my own vows?

Absolutely you can write and deliver your own vows. I will be there to help you if you need it and have many resources available to help you write your perfect vows. I will coach you before the ceremony to ensure that you are able to deliver your vows confidently on the day.


If for any reason you forget your vows, get nervous or overwhelmed during them, I will be standing right next to you, with a copy of your vows to hand and ready to help you through it.  

What happens at the consultation?

During a consultation I will ask you questions to understand what it is you want your ceremony to be. If the ceremony is a wedding or vow renewal, I will ask you about how you met so that I can help you create your Love Story.

Following the consultation, I will start to draft your ceremony using the information you have given me. You will receive ceremony drafts regularly via email until such time as you are 100% satisfied with the ceremony.

I may record our consultation for reference purposes when creating the ceremony. Permission is always requested before any recording is made and once the ceremony is finalised and agreed the recording is deleted.

If possible, consultations are usually held in person at an agreed location and time (usually a hotel bar or reception). If an in-person meeting is not possible, consultations are held over zoom or skype. You will also be able to reach me via phone, email and WhatsApp whenever you need to.

For specific information on Funeral Consultations click here.

What religion or faith must I have to use a Celebrant?

As an Independent Celebrant, I am unaffiliated with any religions or faiths. Therefore, I can provide you with the freedom to design a ceremony that completely represents you, without restrictions.


There is no set formula for celebrant led ceremonies and each one is bespoke to your requirements and wishes.


Do you want the ceremony to be religious, or secular, or a mixture of both? No problem! I’ve got you covered. 


You may want to include specific cultural traditions that are important to you, your partner or your families. I’m ready to make your dream ceremony come to life!


Whatever the tradition, religion or culture, I am here to guide, advise and support you through the whole process.

Can I include music in the ceremony?

You can absolutely include your favourite music, poetry, song lyrics or even extracts from favourite books in your ceremony. If you are having live music, I will liaise with the musician and singers so that all elements of the ceremony are seamless. I advise all my clients who are using a recording (i.e. from a phone or iPad), to appoint a friend or family member who will control the music throughout the ceremony. Don’t worry, I will coach them before the ceremony so that everything runs perfectly.

How do I contact you?

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How do I book a consultation?

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