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Celebrate a life well lived

The death of a loved one is undoubtedly the most challenging time in all of our lives. Often we are faced with the difficult decision of how to honour the life of the person who has passed away. It is at these times that we need someone who can support, guide and assist us in preparing a fitting tribute to our departed love one; a tribute that reflects their unique personality, their achievements and the legacy that they leave behind. 

As an Independent Civil Funeral Celebrant, I guarantee to honour and celebrate

“a life well lived”. .

I work closely with the bereaved family and together we create a highly personal ceremony for their departed loved one and shine the spotlight on the unique individual they were. Following the ceremony, I will provide you with a bound copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.

“No two people are the same, so no two funerals should be either. I am here to help you remember, celebrate and say a heartfelt goodbye to your loved one”



Into the sunset

Celebrate the passing of a loved one in a way they would want – with dignity, in their own style and honouring their wishes. The funeral ceremony is a special gift that you can give to the person who has died and can help you and those closest to the departed to say your final goodbyes. Create a ceremony as unique as the person it is for by including their favourite music, poems, sayings and phrases that are synonymous with them.

Memorial & Remembrance

Candles lighting

Memorials or remembrance ceremonies are similar to a funeral however the body of the deceased loved one is not present.


Sometimes it is not possible to give a loved one the funeral you would want for them. You need look no further than the recent Covid 19 pandemic to illustrate this. But it is an important part of grieving that we have the opportunity to celebrate a life lived and to say our final goodbyes.


Whether the death is recent or is many months or years passed, a memorial ceremony can allow you to give your loved one the tribute they deserve. I am here to guide and help you in creating a personal and meaningful memorial ceremony for you loved one when you are ready.

Scattering of Ashes

Rolling Irish Landscape

For families who have chosen cremation for a loved one, the final step of the process involves deciding what to do with their remains. Cremation often gives you more time to think about where and how you wish to scatter the ashes. You may wish to hold an Ash Scattering Ceremony, be it small or large, to mark the occasion. I can help you create a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony and advise you on different ceremony ideas.   

Life Celebrations

Butterfly cupped in hands

Life Celebrations are often thought of as the modern day funeral. While the need for us to mourn the loss of a loved one has not changed, the ceremonies we choose to help us through the difficult process have.


A Life Celebration can either be held as part of a traditional funeral or as a stand-alone ceremony. The key difference between a Life Celebration and a Funeral is that a Life Celebration primarily focuses on the joy the departed person brought to the lives of others.


They often consist of lots of laughter and storytelling with many of those in attendance contributing their own stories and memories of the departed to the group. Essentially, they are a traditional Irish wake but with a bit more structure. They can even be held while a person is still alive and can be a beautiful way to recall and remember “a life well lived”.

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